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Expert guidance and consultation for Nurses in all age groups to enable them to obtain RN License for 50 states in USA.

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RN Force guide the applicants systematically and enable them to appear the NCLEX RN exam with confidence and clear early to grab the dream job abroad.

If you have decided to make the U.S. your permanent home, finding the right green card category is important. More easily than almost any other specialist, a registered nurse can get a green card to come to the US. Registered nurses are listed as a Schedule A shortage occupation by the US Department of Labor, which makes it easier for RNs to immigrate to the United States than for people in other professions. In order to immigrate to the United States, a foreign-born RN must take the NCLEX test sponsored by a US employer, RN Force here to help you. Some RNs are eligible for visas to work temporarily. For TN visas, RNs who are residents of either Canada or Mexico can be funded.


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Greencard visa for registered nurses

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We assist you with the visa clearence certificate process

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100% NCLEX eligibility guarenteed

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