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Let your dream of working abroad commence here with RN Force, one of the best NCLEX processing consultants in the globe, which has helped many budding aspirants reach their desired country at the earliest convenience.

We offer varied services from consulting to clearance of visa screening processing. We also provide experienced training and guidance for preparing and attending the NCLEX RN exams as well.

NCLEX Exam application process

The United States of America has 50 states and for each state licensing requirements and fee structure are different. NCLEX RN exam application process is very confusing for foreign-educated nurses. There is a board of Nursing for each state who decides the candidate’s ability to take the exam. Being a professional in the field we help the candidates with the application processes and taking the NCLEX license.

  • NCLEX RN exam application process for 50 states in USA
  • NCLEX RN exam retake processing
  • Temp RN and RN License transfer processing
Assist VA Credential Application process (1)

Nurses Family Green card Visa filing & Job Placement Consultation

RNForce not only helps the nurses to obtain a license, also helps their family members for applying for green card visa filing. We also provide job placement consultation for the nurse’s family members.

Canadian TN Visa & Job Placement Consultation

The TN Visa is a U.S. non-immigrant visa, but upon its expiry, those who get it have to return to their home countries. It allows only Canadian and Mexican nationals, not permanent immigrants, to work in the U.S.if they find a job in advance.

There are several steps to apply for a TN visa. RNForce will help you with all the process and also give job placement consultation.

Copy of USA Visa screen
Guidance for obtaining RN License

Guidance for obtaining RN License

A professional license is intended to protect the public from harm by defining minimum standards and skills for secure entry-level practitioners. Nursing is regulated because it is one of the health sectors. The licensing process differs from state to state, but there are several similarities. Education, review, good character, and quite a bit of paperwork are involved with registered nurse licensing. RNForce provides a wide range of support and guidance services to all the aspirants to clear the RN Exam and obtain RN License.

  • Online support for exam preparation and training
  • Consultation for RN license to USA, Canada and Australia.
  • Provides exam materials and exam center information support across the globe.

RN License transfer and processing

It can be a lot of work to transfer to a new state, both physically and mentally. Before leaving your state, you may not think about ensuring that your nursing license is properly transferred or that you have all the necessary paperwork. However if you intend on moving out of state, one of the very first items you should know is how your license would be affected. It may take a couple of months to finalize everything. RNForce provides assistance on your RN License transfer and its processing by making it simpler and faster.


  • Faster and trusted processing
  • Transparent application processing
License transfer
RN Exam retake application processing (2)

RN Exam retake application processing

Never get worried about retaking the RN Exam. We are here to help you out. We process and guide you regarding all aspects of reappearing for the RN Exam making it easy for you to obtain your RN License.

Coaching center guidance

Your search for the best coaching centers comes to an end with us. We can suggest you the best coaching centers suited for you to join based on your preference and availability.

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Professional assistance on sending docs from India (1)

Professional assistance on sending docs from India

Now you can send your important documents from India to abroad for RN Exam or Licensing with our assisted services. We help you to transfer your documents in more secure and faster means to reduce your processing time.

USA Visa screening application processing

Apart from the RN Exam application processing, we have hands-on expertise in processing USA Visa screening and related services.

USA Visa screen
Assist VA Credential Application process

Assist VA Credential Application process

RN Force also serves in processing and assisting VA Credential applications and related services.

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